Survey Design 

We provide comprehensive literature searches and reviews on topics to guide generation of a survey prototype for pilot testing and formative evaluation.  Pre and post analysis of pilot tested surveys provide methodological rigor prior to launching the field project.   Descriptive code books and field guides are prepared for use.  

Survey Administration and Analysis

Howell Research Associates, LLC has the expertise to administer your survey online or to provide a formatted and pilot-tested instrument for distribution through your company's listserv.   With over 25 years of survey analysis, we analyze your results in a suitable format for internal reports or as published research manuscripts for collaborative efforts.  

Qualitative Analysis - Focus Groups and Ethnographic Interviews

As part of our survey design methodology or to answer research questions, we conduct ethnographic or qualitative interviews with individuals in the community, workplace, or field setting.  Focus group methodology can be applied to identify trends or concerns for a priority project.  In consultation with your needs and research priorities, we develop interview or focus group schedules.  Analysis of the qualitative results is provided in summary or detailed reports suitable for circulation in your organization, generating next steps in action, and for formal publication in research journals.  

Other Services - Clinical or Community Intervention Studies

We have expertise in conducting clinical nutrition randomized control trials for nutrient analysis and effects in diverse human populations.  From developing study protocols, to recruitment, to data analysis, we adhere to strict scientific rigor and standards of inquiry.  Community based research or participatory action research is another of our strengths.  We have conducted studies in low income communities primarily with African American or Hispanic adults, in the public school system, and in nutrition assistance programs such as WIC and EFNEP.